Monocultivar Carboncella

Organic Monocultivar Carboncella

(Slow Food®, «Olio Slow 2016»)

Carboncella is an autochthone cultivar from the Sabina region, increasingly rare and delicate due to the slow growth of the tree and the difficulties in harvesting it, which makes handpicking necessary.

The oil produced by this type of tree was called “summer oil” in ancient times, as it retains its freshly squeezed taste until late June.

TASTE: the Organic Monocultivar Carboncella features a unique fragrance of rosemary and artichokes. The first taste is characterised by a spicy feeling, immediately turning into sweetness. The aftertaste contains elements of sour almonds, artichokes, chicory and cardoon.

PAIRINGS: raw or cooked vegetables, warm bruschette, red meat, vegetables and cereals soups.

FORMATS: Bottles: 250ml, 500ml. Tin cans: 3L, 5L.