Ancient wheat organic pasta

As a project of collaborations with Tuscan universities, the farm has embarked on a projcet to restore the production of some ancient varieties of wheat which, thanks to their lower contents of gluten (~12%), have a significantly higher digestibility.

Our pasta is made with such special ancient wheat and it is 100% organic.

INGREDIENTS: ancient wheat semolina and water. It may contain traces of eggs.

COOKING TIME: 5-7 minutes

Proteins: 8.2 g; 33 Kcal; 137 Kj
Carbohydrate: 75.5 g; 302 Kcal; 1,264 Kj
Fat: 0.9 g; 8.1 Kcal; 34 Kj
Total: 100 g ; 343 Kcal; 1,435 Kj